Bags For This Season 2021

Bags are an essential accessory in our closet, without them we could not carry our favorite things, from classic bags to the most sophisticated trendsetter and a bit of statement piece. The reality is that our favorites are the classics and those that give a different and unique style to our outfit, that is why we leave you the bags that are setting trends this season:

Folder Bag

This bag resembles an envelope, its design resembles that of a folder to store office documents and although it is not very spacious and you only have to carry what is necessary, it is a very iconic and original piece that will give a special touch to your looks.

Market Tote

You probably link it with the Dior tote bag, but that is not the case, this is a bag full of holes, which vary according to its design, it resembles a fishing net and is perfect to take to the pool or the beach.

Candy Colors

Colors come with everything this season and size doesn’t matter, but pastel colors remind us of the sweets we used to eat when we were kids. This style is perfect for adding color to basic looks and making it more fun.

Bottle Bag

If you ever dreamed of taking your bottle anywhere this moment has come. This bag comes in various presentations, from a crossbody that you can wear around your neck to belt bags to wear around your waist.

Oversized Bag

Since oversize accessories continue to set the trend, now is the time for bags, this bag is comfortable because you will have infinite space to store your things, so this option is perfect for people who usually carry many things in their bags. You just have to be careful when using them, because due to their large size you can make your look very loaded.