Swimsuit Trends For This Summer

The sun’s rays and the summer heat begin to show presence, and it already causes us to run to the pool or the silver to show off our body with beautiful swimsuits, that is why we leave you the essential in pieces for this summer that They will make you look beautiful in the hottest season of the year:

What trends are coming for this summer in textures?

For this season come the Rib and Lurex textures. In addition to that, swimsuits with metallic or bright tones will follow, this style is coming and begins to make noise in the retro style. Do not rule out and do not be afraid to use navy stripes, high-waisted bathing suits, or knits on the shoulders.

What colors lead for this summer?

In terms of color palettes, the essential colors are vibrant tones such as red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, and black cannot be absent, full and strong colors such as red, orange, yellow, blue, and, of course, the classic black. This year the trend in summer swimwear will be characterized by its diversity of models and styles.

Types of swimsuits for this summer?

1. The classic triangle bikini or trikinis, this model is back to stay, and the reason why women choose it is that it is timeless and looks good in any color or any fun print of your choice.

2. Complete swimsuits, undoubtedly this type of swimsuit is the one chosen for more conservative women or those who do not feel comfortable showing so much skin. But that does not mean that it is elegant, timeless, and comfortable and is made for all ages. In addition, there are many variations of designs that make it look sexy, classic and stylize your figure a little more.

All these models can be complemented with accessories such as raffia wallets and a sun hat to protect you from the sun’s rays from time to time.