Mix Of Colors And Match In Clothes.

The color mix and match s in fashion style can be established according to the preferences of each person but it is necessary to follow rules through you can create a look and play so that your clothes match in a way that you can not imagine. Combining colors is not easy, sometimes it seems certain that there are combinations that are prohibited, but then, depending on the color tone, everything can change in a second.

That is why we leave you some tips so that you know how you can combine colors and not fail in the attempt:

-Never combine two garments that are colors of the same category (primary or secondary colors)

-Forget about combining different tones of the same color palette since they are not of a different tone. For example, red and yellow don’t look good together.

– Never combine three different colors at the same time, but you can start by focusing on a basic and neutral color like black or white and then combine it with another color plus a touch of bright color.

-Basically, you can guide yourself with the circle of tones and try to combine color with the opposite of the circle of shades, so you will know that you are getting it right and so you can create many pieces and combinations.

Color mix and match for clothes:

1. Light base color + light base color: you can combine beige with white or with gray. This combination is cool and elegant.

2. Light base color + dark color: a good combination would be between white and navy blue, to find a summer sailor style.

3. Dark base color + dark base color: gray and black can be combined but be careful and avoid these colors in summer. You can also choose brown that goes well with black.

4. Light base color + vibrant color: it is an excellent combination, try red and white.

5. Dark base color + vibrant color: it looks very elegant and glamorous, perfect for a night out, try combining black with red or with a yellow tone.