Pop Culture Icons

Not many know what we mean by pop culture and it is that in reality the definition arises on the massive popularity of the taste of a large number of people and it is that this type of culture is understood with the taste, ideas, opinions, knowledge that shared by several people.

Since we have explained this term of Pop Culture, you can understand that it is linked to the representative desire of a majority. Just as we like to make things clear, we present you examples of representative icons in pop culture, although there are many and it will depend on the time we will leave you the most emblematic:


This comic book character from the marvel world created by Stan Lee in 1962, managed to conquer many people, the spider logo and the red and blue suit became popular worldwide. So this character has shared the popularity and favoritism of Marvel fans along with other Marvel Comics characters.


This series of films by director George Lucas, the first film released in 1977 quickly became a major pop culture phenomenon of the time, causing this influence to be recognized by various film personalities.


This American singer, producer, composer, dancer, the actor was also known as the king of pop thanks to his gifts in music and dance, which were important factors that led him to the fame he obtained. This iconic figure was recognized for more than 4 decades, he is considered one of the most successful in the world and he was always someone very controversial during the journey of his personal and artistic life.


Unquestionably one of the most-watched sports worldwide is soccer, for most they were content to see their favorite teams face off on the field, but then video games began to come out for consoles, it has been a video game that remains on the charts as one of the best sellers.