10 Allbirds’ Most Comfortable Shoes For Men And Women

Some would claim that you have to endure the discomfort if you want to be fashionable—the shoes and activewear in this selection beg to differ. You need to be comfortable to be fashionable. After all, fashion is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Check out the top ten Allbirds shoes you can use to upgrade your wardrobe.

These wool runners come in a wide array of solid colors and mixed color variations. It’s also available in sizes 8 to 14. For only $98, you bring home an ethically made pair of ZQ Merino wool runners that are moisture-wicking, soft, and ready for any street action.

1. Men’s Wool Runners

If you’re looking for everyday pair of sneakers that are on the quirky yet polished style frame, go for these silky-smooth and breathable sneakers from Allbirds. The threads used for these pairs are fiber threads from the eucalyptus tree.

2. Men’s Tree Runners

Keeping one’s feet and socks dry on a rainy day can be a bit of a challenge if you’re not wearing the right pair of shoes. Ditch this problem with Allbirds’ limited edition mist-colored mizzles. With its mid-cut sock collar, your feet will indeed feel warm all day or night long.

3. Men's Wool Dasher Mizzles - Mid

If you’re in for an unpredictable day ahead, try this minimalist slip-on from Allbirds. It is made with ZQ Merino wool that’s not only soft to the feet and skin but also regulates temperature, making you feel comfortable all day long.

4. Men's Wool Loungers

We all love to break the style and color monotony with a bit of quirkiness. If you’re looking for a pair of high top sneakers with that extra jazz, go for Allbirds’ tree toppers. It has a minimalist design with an extra twist. It’s made with eucalyptus fiber for that smooth, comfy feel.

5. Men's Tree Toppers

This is, by far, Allbirds’ most technical pair of running shoes. This pair reimagines the running shoes that we’re all familiar with by using natural materials specifically engineered to achieve serious performance. It has a 7mm heel drop and sugarcane midsole for maximum energy return.

6. Women's Tree Dashers

Just like its male counterpart, this pair has fiber threads from the eucalyptus tree. No wonder why it’s light to wear. It’s also silky smooth and breathable for optimum comfort. On top of that, this pair is machine-washable.

7. Women's Tree Runners

Never skip or miss a beat with this pair of breathable ballerina flats from Allbirds. Its main selling points are its fitted collar and eucalyptus fiber thread. These explain why the pair is light to wear, smooth to the skin, and breathable even after a day’s use.

8. Women's Tree Breezers

There are three selling points for this pair — wool top, water-repellent, and non-slip. This pair is perfect for cool weather because of its ZQ Merino wool high top. It can keep your feet warm despite the damp weather. And even if you run or jump through paddles, you will be safe because of the sole’s non-slip feature.

9. Women's Wool Runner-up Mizzles

Add more fun to your casual wear with Allbirds’ Sugar Rovers. It’s made from pure Sweet Foam and is certified to be carbon neutral. It’s bouncy, trendy, and 100% breathable.

10. Sugar Rovers